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Owner's Representation

We serve as an extension of your team, managing the day-to-day operations of a project. We accurately advise and represent you through every step of the process.

Using a professional Owner’s Representative saves money, avoids or mitigates problems, and produces higher-quality results for owners. LEMOINE uses Construction Management Software and methodologies developed over our nearly half a century of experience to successfully manage your construction projects.

Why choose LEMOINE as your Owner’s Representative

LEMOINE provides a full suite of services, from Infrastructure to Building Construction, Disaster Response and Recovery, and comprehensive Project and Program Services, all with one call.

Our service lines deliberately connect to support the full building lifecycle, leveraging our expertise every step of the way. This intentional assembly of disciplines provides our firm with unique insight from multiple perspectives, validating planning efforts, ensuring operational efficiencies, and affording a shield of protection from the unknown.

We are uniquely qualified to be your partner through every stage of any project.

LEMOINE specializes in leading projects through the LEAN Construction process

Why choose LEAN Construction?

LEAN thinking demands a mindset of continuous improvement and encourages practitioners to look for and remove waste.  Practicing this method, projects are 2X more likely to complete within budget, and 3X times more likely to complete on time.

LEAN Construction Projects

More likely to complete ahead of schedule

More likely to complete under budget

Maximize Value
Reduce Waste
Increase Efficiency

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